Are you getting the experience you deserve from in-house convention center production and av? 

Overpriced equipment that’s seen better days, ho-hum creative approaches, indifferent service and indecipherable bills — that’s what we’ve come to expect from convention center production and AV during the 30-plus years we’ve been staging meetings and events across the country. Odds are, that’s been your experience, too. So when the Greater Columbus Convention Center selected us to be their in-house production and rigging partner, we were already geared up to do something completely different. And we did. We staffed, equipped and run the in-house operation with breakthrough service that not only raises the bar, it leaves other convention centers throughout the region wondering what just happened. Service that elevates Columbus-based events to a level matching the city’s growing reputation and the tremendous enhancements at the convention center.

 Breakout AV for conference sessions 





 "How do I know my breakouts and conference rooms will get the attention they really need?" 

At a typical convention center, breakout rooms get back-burner treatment. Why? Since they don’t have the pizzazz [and the budgets] of larger, general session productions, breakouts don’t get much attention. At MJ, our people think differently about breakout sessions at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. They're the 'meat' of every convention or event, and because changes come rapid-fire, it takes a nimble, well-staffed production company to keep up with split-second AV substitutions, last-minute speaker needs and unscheduled room moves. Session presenters have come to trust our attentive service and crisply-maintained inventory of equipment. Forget your slide advancer? Our guys probably have one in their pocket.

Mid-size events that inspire and delight


 "I hold the same event every year. How can you keep things fresh for my audience without busting my budget?" 

Audiences that attend the same event every year get used to a predictable routine and feel like they've been there, done that. That’s why mid-size corporate events, association annual meetings and nonprofit fundraisers that happen year after year present tough challenges for meeting planners. At Mills James, clients who have been with us for decades depend on the seemingly-inexhaustible innovation of our creative teams that breathe vibrancy into annual events with fresh themes and never-been-done-before production approaches. Returning audience attendees find they really don't know what to expect next with delightful surprises throughout every agenda. And meeting planners are relieved when we give them options that work within their budgets and timelines.



 "This year, we want to give it all we've got. How can you blow our socks off with an over-the-top experience?" 

With a reputation for the unexpected and the dramatic, our creative directors and production designers have a passion for leaving attendees sockless. We’ve brought a CEO out of a Cessna airplane onstage and landed a space shuttle in a ballroom. Want to shower your guests with a real snowfall during a July event? Project moving imagery onto the billowing white dresses of ethereal dancers onstage? Envelop your audience in a panoramic collage of choreographed video and images? Whether you’re got a mind-stretching idea [or you’d like us to come up with some of our own] our teams of creative and technology artisans make the ‘impossible’ happen for audiences of all sizes. 

Our team is your team.