Virtual meetings provide cost effective communication solutions


Virtual meetings via satellite, the desktop, WebEx, live streaming video webcasts − we have done them all. When it comes to virtual meetings it’s not the delivery vehicle that really matters but how the content of the meeting is designed that really counts. At Mills James we have been producing live meetings and corporate marketing and training videos for over 30 years. Our staff comes from a rich heritage of live television and broadcast news. Put all of this experience together and you have one of the premier producers of virtual meetings in the United States.


We work closely with our clients on the design and presentation of their live events. Once we have determined a client’s needs we will recommend the best delivery method that fits the client’s budget and makes the strongest communications impact.

At Mills James we have produced thousands of hours of virtual meeting content − events for employee training, continuing medical and dental education conferences, public information events, new product rollouts and employee town meetings. For these events we have integrated one or more delivery methods to deliver our client’s message. Many of the events have been international.

Finally, we understand the environment where these virtual events may be delivered and viewed. We help design your message to fit the delivery platform, whether via computer desktop streaming video or a large screen using high quality streaming or satellite delivery.

We consider and evaluate the bandwidth limitations at your locations where your audience will be viewing. We then recommend the best viewing practices that will work within your network’s bandwidth limitations.

When your event is broadcast to large groups gathered around the county we want every viewer to have the same experience. We work closely with our clients to make sure every viewing location has the same sound, video projection and lighting, insuring consistent viewer impact.


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