More organizations broadcast their events with Mills James Streaming Services

More organizations broadcast their events with Mills James Streaming Services

The dropping costs and increasing capabilities of live video streaming in the last year are leading more organizations to broadcast their events through Mills James Streaming Services. Mills James offers live video streaming that broadcasts live video through the Internet so viewers can play the content via the web, iOS and Android apps, Roku and AppleTV.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation, a non-partisan research institute based in Austin, Texas, used Mills James’ Streaming Services to broadcast “Energy for a Rising Generation” Friday, March 4. The panel, targeted to Millennials, focused on affordable energy and government efforts to mandate CO2 cuts via regulatory statutes. The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s mission is to improve Texas government by generating academically sound research and data on state issues. The event originated from the Athletic Club of Columbus.

Columbus Hospitality Management, the largest hotel management company in the region, broadcast its annual meeting, “Decision 2016,” Monday, Feb. 29, via Mills James Streaming Services. Columbus Hospitality manages the operations of hotels, conference centers, restaurants and clubs throughout the state of Ohio and Florida. Altogether the company manages seven hotels, three conference centers, four restaurants and two private clubs with more than 700 employees and annual revenues in excess of $50 million.

“The technology to stream events ‘live’ is much less complex and more cost-effective than just a year ago,” said John Mueller, Business and Project Manager for Columbus Hospitality Management. “CHM would like to extend our thanks to Mills James for their invaluable production assistance during our Decision 2016 Meeting. CHM and Mills James have been close partners for many years, and we are very grateful for their help in making our annual meeting successful.”

On Feb. 12, Mills James broadcast "Rapid-Fire Insights on Supply Chain Management" for the OSU Fisher College of Business Center for Operational Excellence. The event originated from the Blackwell Inn on the campus of The Ohio State University and included the latest insights and key challenges in the field of supply chain research presented by OSU professors. The OSU Center for Operational Excellence works along with its member companies to provide thought leadership and promote a culture of problem-solving with operational excellence tools. 

For more information, please contact Bruce Reid, Vice President & Senior Consultant, Mills James at 614.777.9933.