Thanks to a big step forward in reliability and more strategic design, the streaming floodgates are starting to open. Our clients are now webcasting a surge of town halls, annual conferences, executive updates and new product introductions.

Some webcast their events or messages live while others make the recordings available later for on-demand viewing to avoid suppressing attendance at the event itself. Either way, the strategy is paying numerous dividends, whether the measures are financial — improved ROI or travel savings — or strategic, such as company alignment around a message or speed of deployment.

The best news of all? It’s also much more affordable now, and easier than ever to use.


Start by choosing a streaming platform that’s built for business. The better-known live streaming solutions aren’t engineered for the higher demands of business use. Free public platforms like Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and Facebook Live are fine for personal social sharing but not up to the demands of distributing confidential content to business audiences around the world.

Prioritize reliability . . .

Any professional live stream must be rock-solid. That’s the most important bottom line for any streaming platform. Business users need a professional-grade Content Delivery Network and high-end servers, so the system won’t crash when the 257th attendee signs on. Our Livestream platform has served as many as one million simultaneous users.

Don’t put all your eggs in one streaming basket, though — be sure to backup your backup. Two out of three live streaming events we produce go simultaneously to Livestream and YouTube or Facebook Live so in the unlikely event one service goes down, the other is good to go.

Don't take brand-damaging shortcuts . . .

Corporate video streaming isn’t a do-it-yourself internal operation nor automatically the domain of overworked IT departments. User experiences require the orchestration of many things, both creative and technical: show flow, scripting, lighting, audio, camera angles, presentation graphics, rehearsals, server reliability, testing and shakedown protocols, to name a few.

Deliver broader access that's also more secure . . .

To ensure access, you need a streaming platform that will bypass content blockers and firewalls. Many public hosting and streaming websites are completely blocked by corporations, universities, libraries and other institutions. Our Livestream service will deliver content via a network that’s not on anybody’s block-list.

On the security side, corporate video streams almost always contain confidential information. At a minimum you need password protection to prevent unauthorized viewing but you may also want domain restrictions or ‘referrers’ that only allow viewers to log in from a website you select, or geo restrictions that whitelist viewers only in approved countries or ZIP codes.


Post a test page before the live event . . .

For one of our direct sales clients, we posted a promo video for the event as a test page that received nearly 10,000 hits in the two weeks before the event. Then on event day, we had minimal issues with the 26,000 people who connected live. Post event, the archive site has over 13,000 views and growing.

Brand it as your own and record it for later . . .

Whose live stream is it, anyway? YouTube’s? Periscope’s? Facebook Live’s? No, it’s yours. And now much easier to brand your broadcast as your own, whether wrapped in a custom site or presented as the only content on the page with your logo front and center.

Since you’ve put all this effort into streaming a livecast, why not make all your content available for later viewing? Many public platforms don’t record the content for later viewing. If you missed it —poof— it’s gone. Recording ensures that people who can’t attend a live stream can still participate. But some platforms, including Periscope, play back archived streams at a much lower quality than the original livecast. We’ll set up libraries of your content for future viewing, such as general sessions and break-outs that can be shared with employees and customers after the event. Our on-demand streams play at the same high quality as the original feeds.

Provide live tech support and training . . .

Let's say you need your streaming platform to bypass content blockers. The problem is, consumer-grade live streaming platforms don’t offer any form of technical support. Demanding business users need questions answered NOW and problems solved on the fly with responsive technical support available 24/7. Before the event, we distribute whitepapers that advise viewers how to manage their bandwidth — at work and at home — so they’ll get the best-quality streaming through their Internet connection.

Monetize your content where it makes sense . . .

Not everyone can do this, but some organizations, including direct selling companies, associations and continuing education providers, can monetize their content by providing it on a pay-per-view basis. We created a paywall for one of our direct sales clients to offer videos of their opening sessions and most popular break-outs, generating more than $11,000 in sales the first week it went live.


Put scalable reliable secure video streaming to work today.

Mills James Streaming Video is the reliable and scalable video streaming platform built for business. Backed by robust content delivery networks. With user training and live tech support. With archived content for later viewing. With secure transaction processing for pay-per-view events ... 

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