Virtual World, Real Results

We’ve been helping our clients reimagine live events as virtual experiences for over 15 years.  The shift was driven by travel budget cuts, and now the challenges seem more enduring:

  • How to truly engage virtual audiences, to keep them emotionally connected to your company and brand.
  • How to elevate your brand, leaders, and messaging well above the look and feel of basic WebEx, Zoom, or webinars.
  • How to create lasting value in the virtual space through hybrid “live plus virtual” events once we can congregate in small numbers again.

You can truly engage virtual audiences as long as you know how to reimagine your live events for smaller screens. What works on a big stage doesn’t necessarily work virtually.

Virtualize Any Event In Engaging Ways

    Annual Meetings

    Fundraising Galas

    Training Conferences

    Virtual Graduations

    Virtual Sales Engagements

    Sales Conventions

    VIP Events

    Town Halls

    Leadership Meetings

Our Approach

Think Broadcast Television

Don’t think like a webinar developer; think like a broadcast television producer. No matter the scope, no matter the budget.

Be purposeful about the things that have always mattered to live TV audiences: show narrative, on-camera talent, entertainment value, visual storytelling, pacing, and rehearsing.

Behind any show that resonates are some bedrocks of broadcast television. These fundamentals of engagement now take on even greater relevance for virtual events.

Our Capabilities

We bring hope and inspiration to clients who don’t know where to start. 

Our teams of broadcast professionals will help you tackle event design, platform selection, content development, presenter preparation, and live show execution.

  • Virtual event design
  • Streaming Platform selection, design, and integration
  • Presenter pre-interviews and remote productions assessments
  • Rapid visual storytelling
  • Virtual presentation coaching
  • Pre-produced content development
  • Audience engagement strategies
  • IT testing and coordination

Streaming Overview

Elevate the Look, Feel and Effectiveness of Streaming

The Five Rules of Virtual Engagement

We’ll help you apply these principles to any virtual endeavor, at any budget level.

1. Narrative Impact

No matter the virtual event, learning how to craft compelling narratives — to take the audience on a journey with stories along the way — will bring you the most virtual success.

2. Visual Storytelling

Compare any webinar you’ve ever seen to any TV show. Which one is better at “show don’t tell”? Now you know why most webinars are boring. The secret is rapid visual storytelling.

3. Seamless Pacing

How many times in a webinar have you wanted things to go faster? Once you see broadcast TV pacing in action in the virtual space, you will never go back.

4. Proof of Engagement

This is the great modern advantage over broadcast television: your ability to promote, track, and assess engagement in real-time through polling, two-way communication, etc.

5. Smart Promotion

We all receive countless webinar invites these days. There are some simple secrets to maximizing RSVPs that can greatly increase attendance — and get people really excited to join in.

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