Creative Kindling, a thought-provoking toolkit, contains 42 cards that fuel a storytelling process designed to bring the proven rules of story structure to life in bold new ways.



Start with a pen, paper and an upcoming project in mind. Download a PDF of our instructions here.

1. GATHER . . .

First, answer some burning questions. Pick the GATHER cards randomly or lay them all out in a row. It doesn’t matter. If you’re in a group, deal the GATHER cards and share each of your favorites around the table. Stick them to your forehead. Play War with them. 52 Pickup. Strip Kindling. Do whatever it takes to provoke thought and debate. This will be your kindling.

2. IGNITE . . .

Time to build your story. Randomly pick some IGNITE cards and think about how each could apply to your message. Or lay out all the cards and put them in “story order.” If you’re in a group, deal them around. You can either skip any that don’t seem to be helping or put them in a “deal with this later” pile. Right in front of your eyes, you are forming a powerful story structure.

3. STOKE . . .

Now it’s time to hone your story. Randomly pick a few STOKE cards and ask yourself if your story holds up to the challenges presented. Or lay them all out and check your story against them. Note strengths to build upon and weaknesses to eliminate.



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