Your stories, soon coming
to a big screen again.

As live experiences slowly start to return, so too will come pent-up demand for shared engagement, inspiration, and knowledge-building. All very well served by powerful big-screen storytelling.

Start making production plans today for our live future.

  • Pre-event teaser videos
  • Opening videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Recognition videos
  • Documentary “day in the life” videos
  • Environmental projection (projection mapping, event gateways)
  • Closing videos
  • Trade show attract loops

Event Videos

Captive doesn’t mean captivated. Today’s event audiences crave meaning, inspiration — something to remember about your messaging. Our storytellers can help you evoke emotion the moment the lights go down, whether you seek excitement, empathy, advocacy, or pride. We’ve produced thousands of opening videos, brand stories, new product sizzle reels, award profiles, and more.

Watch a selection of our big-screen stories below

Attract Loops and Trade Show Videos

Visually arresting hooks, six-second stories, instant aspiration. Retail and tradeshow marketing is about immediate impact, which puts a premium on breakthrough design and tight narratives. Our writers and designers will help you distill your message to its essence — artfully.

Watch a selection of our videos below

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is a novel way to project video imagery of any shape or dimension onto walls, ceilings, or three-dimensional set pieces. The technology considers the geometry and architectural details of the surface on which you’re projecting, making those surfaces come alive.

Mills James has been working to bring this technology within reach for our clients. We can create custom installations for events, lobby installs, and even outdoor building surfaces.

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