It was a high-stakes event, and the client was ahead of the game. The chairs were set, the staging rigged, and our AV team had microphones to spare. But there was an essential item missing—a book the event planners had ordered as audience gifts. The hotel’s General Manager began making calls while their client reviewed the run-of-show in front of a hundred empty chairs. The trucking company finally arrived with just an hour to spare.

That’s when we—the “on-site AV supplier”—took it upon ourselves to place a book on every chair before the meeting started.

This story, and many more like it, bring to life our on-site AV services philosophy: It’s not just about the projectors or the flipcharts or the mics—anyone can provide you with the right tech. It’s about mastering the softer skills. In our experiences as a production company dealing with national venues, we often saw how AV providers would sabotage the experience with poor attitudes, lateness, miscommunication, and just a general lack of proactivity. That’s not the kind of service a hospitality operator wants around their clients, especially when dealing with live, often unpredictable, production.

That’s why Mills James established our AV Services business to serve hotels, conference centers, and convention centers. Our mission is to make your clients’ days go well, so yours does too.

Mills James is an extension of your brand, and we bring the professionalism to match. We train our on-site teams to deliver concierge-quality AV service. You’ll see us mirroring your dress standards—dress pants, dress shoes, button-down shirt, jacket, and a tie—as we tape down the last cable before lending a hand to move chairs. That’s what makes the hotel and convention venues we serve proud to put their logo on our technicians’ name badges.

We see every on-site meeting or event, from weddings to manager seminars to product launches, as a production. And every beat counts. We’re backed with 35 years of event and video production chops ourselves, so we understand what it takes to elevate experiences.

Our job is to previsualize the entire experience and anticipate all the “what could go wrong” risks inherent to meetings and events. If we notice a paging mic is needed in the hallway, we’ll provide it. If a screen is blocking attendees from the stage, we’ll move it. We’ll add back-up video adapters and PowerPoint advancers to the projector case. We don’t just drop tech and leave.

And we’ll stick around for the late shipments. So, when the doors open, every book is in place. After all, that client is your client first and foremost.

We once started a new hospitality contract where our first event put us in front of a major Fortune 500 CEO running a board meeting at the venue. The CEO was clearly still reeling from his previous board meeting there that hadn’t gone so well with another provider. 

Before the meeting, the CEO pulled us aside and made us promise him everything would work. That it had to work. “It’s going to go flawlessly,” we promised him because we knew what had happened last time and had already put people and plans in place to keep it from happening again.

We’ve had that AV contract for eight years now. We’re experienced enough to know how important those moments are and small enough to sweat every one of them.



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