Our Broadcast Control Studios Bring Strategic Innovation to Hotels

Our hospitality AV services group equips hotels with broadcast and streaming technologies to elevate virtual events, drive revenues, and own the future.

The meetings and events business is coming back, but not the same way. People are gathering, but a hotel ballroom accommodating large groups may now have capacity restrictions due to safety standards and social distancing guidelines. Instead of turning away business, Mills James enables hotels and conference facilities to host large groups safely by using streaming and broadcast technologies. By setting up a broadcast control studio in a vacant hotel space and spreading attendees across multiple venues, we can stream live presentations from room to room, room to business, or room to metaverse.

For hotels and resorts with meeting rooms and large convention spaces, “business as usual” may remain “unusual business” for the near future…and that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. Operators need to think creatively and look for fresh ways to communicate with their employees, clients, and prospects everywhere. By leveraging broadcast technologies, hoteliers can easily create new revenue streams and expand their business center services by adding an in-house broadcast control studio.

A behind-the-scenes look at the control room for The Avon Company’s multi-day 135th virtual anniversary celebration.

Suppose the hotel or facility has a reliable Internet infrastructure and enough room to accommodate a few technicians and broadcast control equipment. In that case, Mills James can create a communication command center that orchestrates profitable virtual events.

We can stream presentations from Ballroom A into Ballrooms B and C (or other spaces) and enable attendees in the auxiliary rooms to ask questions of the presenting speaker or panelists as if they were in the same room — and get responses in real-time.

We can also send a live feed of the event to one of four broadcast control studios at our corporate headquarters. That content will then stream to people attending the event virtually from their homes or offices. All that’s needed is vacant space that can be turned into a broadcast control room. This is an easy decision for hotels already using Mills James as their onsite AV provider.

Broadcast Hub for Local Businesses
We’re on a mission to redefine hospitality audiovisual services. We see hospitality AV as primed for innovation and reinvention. Our hospitality division works with hotels to transform unused spaces into revenue generators and put properties on the map as the local broadcast hub for businesses.

Rather than marketing a hotel to local businesses as only a food-and-beverage event space, why not position the hotel also as a broadcast hub for local businesses? Neighboring companies may not be holding as many in-person meetings at hotels as they once were. However, they still need to communicate with their employees, board of directors, customers, and prospects.

Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube are okay to connect and share messaging. Still, these lower-tier approaches are often poorly executed and fraught with a host of technical issues and interruptions.

How great would it be if the hotel served as a local broadcast hub? Clients could come to the hotel to broadcast their corporate messaging professionally, lead training for newly onboarded employees, or even do newsfeeds with national television broadcasters. These are the types of powerful production capabilities Mills James brings to the table. As a boutique AV provider for hotels, we have the expertise and technology to do it affordably.

Special guests can also join remotely via Webex or Zoom. Entertainment breaks like musical performances or trivia quizzes can also be incorporated into the run-of-show.

Mills James Hospitality Audiovisual Services
Since 1995, Mills James has delivered onsite AV for boutique conference centers and high-end hotels. Our Hospitality Audiovisual Division works with our Experience Group (MJx) to produce meetings of all sizes recognized for their technical innovation and unparalleled audience engagement.

Unlike typical hotel AV providers, our associates are creative directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, designers, set builders, and streaming engineers. Our skilled team of broadcast technicians can turn vacant hotel spaces into control studios capable of driving revenues and new customers to any hotel looking to innovate.

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