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Just about anything projected or displayed at an event—videos, presentations, digital signage—has been constrained to a box forever. We suppose we’ll still need our 16x9 screens, but we’re happy to report that projection technology has escaped that box to have its own fun.

Come see a new and surprisingly accessible technology we’ve been testing called “projected augmented reality” that reimagines the what and where of projected light and color.

• See how you can make objects come alive in customizable ways never before possible

• Add digitally-projected wayfinding to any event

• Add a digital presence far more compellingly than just putting up a monitor

• Bring a heightened level of fun to your next photobooth experience, prime for sharing on social media

We’ll demonstrate how you can project compelling visuals onto high-contrast or dimensional objects—with far more artful control and cost-effectiveness than ever before.



Much has been visually gained from the democratization of camera technology. Anyone with a smartphone can shoot 4k footage. Pick up an SLR camera, and you get that plus depth of field so shallow only having the talent’s nose in focus looks like art. On higher-end productions, Directors of Photography can now shoot 8k footage once reserved for IMAX productions.

No matter the level of work, these beautiful visuals will never be fully realized without bringing one additional skillset to the table—one people don’t often realize is missing until they see it—a professional’s eye for color. And the sophisticated tools to achieve color’s full power.

Come meet our colorist Shane Walker. He’ll take you on a visual journey through color, rooted in emotion. In his own words (and through his own award-winning visuals), Shane will prove that “whatever emotion you want to make your audience feel—anger, serenity, excitement—I can evoke through color.”



Our clients often come to us with unusual requests to fix their footage:

• Can you fill the aquarium with more fish?

• Can you remove the sausage from our pizza beauty shot, so it’s just a pepperoni pizza?

• Can you replace our old packaging with new packaging without reshooting the spot?

• Can you change the sign on that bus that’s driving by?

Yes, we can through the power of motion tracking and visual compositing. Come see our visual effects wizards magically add or remove just about anything in moving footage as if it was shot that way in the first place.



Nothing tops face-to-face meetings, but are piloting a new way to utilize video conferencing technologies like Zoom that are getting better every day and are a huge step up from conferences calls.

For those of us in the business of communicating—whether pitching new business or RFP responses to prospects or sharing news with constituents—there’s a large gulf between sitting across the table and seeing everyone’s poorly lit faces filling a Zoom screen.

Might as well spend the money on travel, huh?

Before you decide that, see a novel approach to compelling two-way presentations without all the travel. We’ll show you how to present with a sophisticated visual presence while still leveraging Zoom’s ease and real-time interactions. When you absolutely positively can’t get there overnight, reinvent the pitch instead.



The phrase “content is king” is practically a cliché at this point. But those who seek that kingdom often face a painful reality on the journey: Whether executed as video or infographics or even just well-written whitepapers, content can be time-consuming and prohibitively expensive to produce and distribute.

Here lies the power of podcasting: it’s a simple, informal, and effective way for leaders and experts with something valuable to say to share their wisdom or news in a professionally produced manner, at the speed of sound.

See how we’ve been producing lean-and-mean podcasts for our clients and ourselves, and how you could do it too.


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