Employee Spotlight – Shane Walker

“Every morning coming into work, I make it a point to notice the color of the sky, the sunrise”
Our Employee Spotlight this month features Shane Walker: Colorist, Creative Editorial. Shane has been with Mills James for 16 years and offers a level of creativity, expertise, and wisdom that we couldn’t find anywhere else. Read Shane’s interview below to learn more about how he got here and where he sees the industry going.

How long have you been at Mills James?

In March 2008, I began my journey as an editor at Mills James. A transformative experience in Las Vegas and NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in 2014 ignited my passion for color grading. Progressing from Edit Suite 4 to a meticulously crafted Color Suite, this journey has been nothing short of incredible. The adventure continues, and I look forward to the day when I can confidently say I’ve truly excelled in this craft 🙂

Where were you before Mills James?

I freelanced in Cincinnati for almost four years and prior to that worked at a small post-only boutique house, Command X. I learned more there than I ever imagined. Freelancing was going great in Cincinnati, but our family was far away, so we kept our ears open to anything closer to home. A job posting came up at Mills James and the rest is history. Now, being up in Delaware is the best of both worlds, I’m at work in 25 minutes and we can visit grandparents in less than 45 minutes to let the kids smell the country farm life (land, horses, four wheelers, creeks).

What led you into a career in this industry/creative field?

I wanted to become a singer; I started singing before I can even remember. In my house, there was always music playing, singing, and dancing in the kitchen. These were still the days of vinyl, so I had my own Fisher-Price portable plastic record player that I would drag out to karaoke (Elton John, Kenny Rogers, The Beach Boys). Unfortunately, when I got to college, the entrance exam at UC consisted of composing or writing music, and I knew I was not going to make it, besides the fact that they only took four students into their program per year. I graduated college with a BFA in Electronic Media and worked for the horse racing industry as a video editor on a weekly on-track show and never looked back. Nowadays, it’s singing and dancing with my daughter in the kitchen or car to everything from Drake to Luke Combs.

What is a project that you’ve worked on that sticks out to you compared to the others?

We worked with Tyra Banks in 2016 on a line of makeup she was launching at the time. Having her in the edit suite was unreal. She was so down to earth. It also allowed me to learn what to look for and what to avoid while working with higher profile clients.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere… every morning coming into work, I make it a point to notice the color of the sky, the sunrise. I follow as many people as I can online to stay up to date with tech and tools.

What’s the biggest challenge you see in this industry and how do we overcome it?

Clarity in defining objectives is a major challenge in our world. Without a clear understanding, creating resonant content for the target audience and achieving desired outcomes becomes difficult. To overcome is to define the purpose of your project by identifying its primary objective—whether it’s to boost brand awareness, educate, promote a product, or inspire action. This clarity will guide the content, tone, and messaging of your video.

I can’t answer this question without acknowledging how AI is impacting the video production world. However, despite the rise of AI effortlessly generating videos, the crucial task of grasping the client’s needs and crafting a message for desired outcomes remains firmly in human hands.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I don’t like to run as exercise, but I do like the outcome 🙂 I enjoy watching my kids practice adulting… Going to volleyball tournaments for my daughter and going to the runway to watch my son do take offs and landings. I love the cold, skiing/snowboarding with the family as well as Motorcycles and summer family vacations.