The 2020s | New Rules. New Tools.

To celebrate our anniversary, we produced unique company idents using our logos from each decade, parodying the respective technology and visual trends.

Now we’re at the part of the story where we promised you a big reveal in the intro of this blog — the single secret ingredient behind Mills James’ success.

Is it our service skills? Or our innovation? Becoming an ESOP maybe. Cameron’s gorilla suit?!

Every defining moment in this company’s history has demonstrated the same strength: learning how to resonate.

Learning how to resonate with every “stakeholder” the company met on the journey, our clients, their audiences, our employees, our bankers, our vendors, the elderly woman who loved spending time with Ken and Cameron drinking coffee.

To resonate with someone is to get them to feel three things: validated, inspired, and excited to spend a part of their life with you, however work-related.

  • To resonate with a client, you need to listen to them first.
  • To resonate with an audience, you need to know what they’re thinking and feeling.
  • To resonate with an employee, you as a company need to see your role as one of a talent agent for 140 people, helping them find work they love. Then not overworking them.
  • To resonate with the ad agencies of the early 80s, you need to wear a gorilla suit. 😉

None of which is easy at all. But all very much worth the 36-year journey.