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Employee Spotlight – Tessa Wilson

“I really fell in love with some aspects of production you don’t really learn about in school – namely script supervising and producing.” If you know her, you love her – Tessa Wilson, our resident weirdo and May Employee Spotlight. Tessa lives every day with an open mind and a warm heart, both very evident in her work as a video and broadcast producer. She’s an exceptional addition to Mills James and always makes time to give credit to her team, it takes a village and we’re so thankful to have Tessa in ours.

Video in a Social Media Era

Picture this: You’re scrolling through Facebook and you’re hungry. You soon come across this delish video that grabs your attention from one of those meal services like Hello Fresh, say.

Employee Spotlight – Marcel Harris

“Always being able to think on the fly and problem solve is a necessity in this role” Our Employee Spotlight this month features Marcel Harris: AV Technician. Starting at Mills James at the ripe old age of 17, Marcel has proven his professionalism and dedication to the craft in just two years. Marcel is known here for his catch phrase, “we will make it work”, and you see this attitude shine through in every event he is a part of.

AI Enters The Uncanny Valley, Confidently

Artificial Intelligence is a daily firehose of OMGs at this point – SORA’s generative AI filmmaking teases, ElevenLab’s voice generators, HeyGen’s crazy-good avatars that apparently can walk and talk now.
We could show you ways to get AI’s help for many turns of an hourglass. In fact, in the time it took to write this paragraph (not using AI we swear), Claude wrote this joke about us, reluctantly…

Employee Spotlight – John McOwen

“The team tackles each challenge and job with a creativity that is amazing to see”

Our Employee Spotlight this month features John McOwen: Post Production Supervisor. John has been with Mills James for 28 years and speaks about his experience prior to Mills James and what it’s like leading the Post team. Read John’s interview to learn more.

And the 40th Anniversary Award Goes to… Mills James

I’m imagining this is what it’s like to be onstage at a red-carpet awards show (think Oscars, Grammy’s, Golden Globes, the Tonys, Cannes, etc.,).
We’ve all seen it. The Award Winner arrives at the podium. Torn between triumph and terror.

Employee Spotlight – Shane Walker

“Every morning coming into work, I make it a point to notice the color of the sky, the sunrise”
Our Employee Spotlight this month features Shane Walker: Colorist, Creative Editorial. Shane has been with Mills James for 16 years and offers a level of creativity, expertise, and wisdom that we couldn’t find anywhere else.

Employee Spotlight – Kim Davis

“I have always found the entertainment industry to be very fast moving, never black and white.”

Our Employee Spotlight this month features Kim Davis: Talent & Licensing Coordinator. Kim manages everything from sourcing, negotiating to coordinating of all talent payments for Union and non-union projects.

Employee Spotlight – James Waterfield

“I have worked my way up in hospitality since I was 15… from being a dishwasher, line cook, server, bartender, and several managerial roles”

Our Employee Spotlight this month features James Waterfield: Director of Hospitality. James leads our 20+ hotel and convention center locations through operations and sales. Leading his team, serving our clients and rowing his way to the top, is his specialty.

Employee Spotlight – Matt Sullivan

“If you don’t embrace it, you’ll just waste it, and if you bruise your ribs on the bunny hill, it will eventually get you to the top of the mountain.” Our Employee Spotlight this month features Matt Sullivan: Director of the MJ Cleveland office. Alongside his small, but mighty team of 6, Matt has built the Cleveland office into what it is today. Pushing boundaries, building relationships, all while cheering on the Browns; they can’t be stopped. You won’t want to miss where they are headed in the next five years! Check out the full interview with Matt!