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The 2010s | The Secret

Two events over the past 20 years have had the most impact on the company. One was scary and the other existential. The Great Recession

The 2000s | New Owners

We produced a company ident using our logo from the 2000s, parodying the respective technology and visual trends of that decade. #BornIn84 The end of

Cameron James preps for IABC seminar at Media Group

The 1990s | Making History

Cameron has dyslexia; a diagnosis he didn’t receive until he was 36 years old, after co-founding Mills James. “My first-grade teacher called me stupid, so

The 1980s | Founded May 1, 1984

A business partnership is like a marriage, but with far worse odds. – Ken Mills The world of 1980s production was madness, just like today.