The 2020s | New Rules. New Tools.

“What’s truly essential” is worth analyzing more deeply these days. Since 1984, the company has defined it in business-like terms, based on shifting client production needs.

The 2010s | The Secret

Two events over the past 20 years have had the most impact on the company. One was scary and the other existential.

The Great Recession was the first event. Some of Mills James’ competitors washed out quickly, especially those with unreliable cashflow, weak balance sheets, or too much dependence on one client.

The 2000s | Resilience

Y2K. A computer bug caused the world to fear the internet would crash on January 1, 2000. And all of Mills James’ millions of dollars’ worth of computer tech would go with it.

The 1990s | Making History

Cameron has dyslexia, a diagnosis he didn’t receive until he was 36 years old. “My first-grade teacher called me stupid, so I thought I was. But as I grew up, I learned to identify my talents,” Cameron reflected.

The 1980s | Founded May 1, 1984

The Columbus production world in the 80s was just like today, kinda. Long days and late nights for sure, but the technical issues were analog, and the carryout came from Frisch’s Big Boy or GD Ritzy’s unless you were flush enough for a business dinner at the Jai Lai, a Woody Hayes favorite.